To whom Eezy is suitable?

Eezy is suitable for many different professions from construction to beauty services, and from consultation to cleaning services. We have service providers working, full or part-time, but also temporal, seasonal or project type of works, e.g., during studies are convenient to invoice through Eezy.

Interested to become an entrepreneur but the threshold seems too high

Establishing a company, bookkeeping, taxation, etc., entrepreneurs’ obligations may feel too tricky and complicated. Working with Eezy you do not have to establish a company and you do not have to use time for taking care of entrepreneurs obligations and paperwork. You can concentrate on your work and its marketing, we will take care of the rest.

Want to try your plans risk free before establishing a company

By using Eezy you can easily and risk freely test your plans and contact client before establishing your own company. You can quit using our service at any time and become an entrepreneur through your own company. In case you want to apply for startup grant, the experience gained through Eezy is only positive.

You are unemployed and want to employ yourself

Even though you have not found suitable work, there may be buyers for your expertise and work effort. Many companies have unmade work, but it is done without working relationship because of its project or seasonal nature. Therefore, invoicing the work through Eezy may be the solution.

You want to work part-time alongside your main work

Part-time entrepreneurs’ obligations and paperwork may take too much time from already limited time. By choosing Eezy, you can concentrate on productive activities.

You want to establish a company but you are not allowed to join Trade Register

If you have tax debt, the established company may not be accepted to Trade Register. Membership of the Register is required in order to invoice your work. Working through Eezy you are not required to join the Register because we invoice your work.

Situations where own company may be more suitable

Eezy is suitable for many different situations but in some cases establishing a company may be more suitable option. We recommend establishing your own company if…

You work as a retailer

It is not possible for retail goods, materials or other products through Eezy. However, you can sell products and goods which are related to your work. Moreover, you can sell self-made products. If you work as a sales representative  by selling goods or services on behalf of your client, you can invoice the commission through us.

You want to deduct tools or other equipments

Through Eezy it is not possible to deduct expenses related to computers, phones, cameras or other equivalent purchases which may have another use than work. While working through us you can have these purchases as deductions in your tax return as expenses for the production of income.

You want to work without VAT because your turnover is small

In your own company you can work without VAT if your annual turnover is not more than 10 000 €. While working through Eezy, this exception does not apply. VAT exemption is beneficial if you have private clients or VAT exempted associations. In case your clients are VAT liable companies, VAT exemption does not apply because the VAT is a pass-through cost, not an expense raising the working price.


Preparing food in your own premises

Working through Eezy in this situation is not possible because of the regulations concerning the production and storage of foodstuff.

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