Handbook for self-employed person

It is in importance for us that all our service users are insured as good as possible. We have negotiated with our insurance company a voluntary accident insurance, which conditions are almost similar than mandatory accident insurance. You can familiarise yourself with the conditions here. The insurance company is IF Insurance company. In case there occurs an accident during the work, please contact our customer service without delay for more information info@eezy.fi or pho. 09 4247 5630.

We will pay your salary, withhold taxes and send monthly and annual reports to tax authorities.

In terms of taxation and bookkeeping you are an employee. Since 1.1.2016 you are considered as an entrepreneur in terms of unemployment benefits. You can apply adjusted earnings-related allowance if the entrepreneurial activity is considered to be part-time.

In terms of pension insurance you are considered under YEL, and therefore responsible to liable to acquire an insurance if required. You can authorize Eezy to acquire the pension insurance on your behalf when you can also make changes to the insurance directly in Extranet. Insurance invoices will be sent directly to you and we do not deduct pension insurance payments directly from your salary. Pension insurance payments are deductible in your tax return.

You can download and print salary and work certificates directly form Extranet.

In case your client does not pay the invoice, you can request Eezy to send a reminder to your client. The request can be done in Extranet. If we do not receive the payment even after the remainder we can send, at your request, a notification to your client that the debt will be transferred to our cooperator OK Perintä Oy. The requirement for collection is that the invoice is undisputed.

All the above mentioned actions are free for you. Payment reminder and collection requests shall be sent to us through Extranet.

In larger and concurring assignment we recommend to have a written contract. In contracts you perform as a service provider, and Eezy as is mentioned as ‘The work is invoiced through Eezy’ or ‘The work is invoiced by Eezy Osk’. Through this your client will recognise your tax status. We are pleased to help you with creating a contract. We can also proofread your contract before signing.

In Extranet you can find contract templates for private and company clients. These templates are available for download.

In case the total amount of the piece-work type contract exceeds 5000 €, we want to check the contract before signing. This does not concern hourly based work although the total amount exceeds 5000 €.

Work related expenses are usually deductible while working with us. Expenses can be, e.g., materials, tools or travel expenses, and those have to be work-related.

We will separate the expenses from the payment received from your client before salary payment, and cover the expenses directly to you. After this we will pay your salary according to normal procedure by deducting payroll related expenses.
Neither covered expenses nor tax exempted expenses are salary, so those will not be reported to the tax authorities or be seen in salary certificate.

Work related receipts cannot be older than 2 months from the salary payment date and the receipts cannot include any other expenses than work related.

We are not allowed to accept expenses that may include personal or long-term use if these have not been invoiced from your client. These type of expenses are, such as clothes, phone, computer, accommodation costs, or tools which have long-term use. These purchases and expenses can be deducted in your tax return if the tax authorities examines that these were necessary for production of income.

Educational training, courses or literature cannot be deducted through us.
See more detailed guides for expenses and sending receipts

We will calculate and pay your salary on the next day at the latest once we have received the payment from your client, unless you have some other salary payment rule.

The requirements for salary payment are tax card and expense form in case you have work related expenses.

If you have received withholding notice from the Enforcement office, we will withhold the garnished share from your net salary or invoicing price, and transfer it to Enforcement office account. Enforcement does not concern tax exempted expenses or other work-related expenses that are covered to you.

In a situation where you want to establish a company instead of working through Eezy, please inform us.

Remember that if you have not previously had a company, you can apply for startup grant. The work experience gained through Eezy is a positive thing.

Natural persons who do not have an active company are able to use Eezy invoicing service, but also in which area of business the invoiced work is not included.

Check invoicing expenses

Eezy has acquired a liability insurance which covers person or product damages to the client or third parties up to 1 million Euros.

You have to be registered user of Eezy to have this insurance valid during work.

If you have not received salary from Eezy for a year, please notify us before the work that you are continuing to work through Eezy. By this you ensure that the insurance is valid.

Liability insurance does not cover costs which are caused by lack of expertise or insufficient preparation for work. Liability insurance does not cover designing work and consultations. In these cases you have to acquire an additional insurance. If your own insurance company does not provide such insurance, you can acquire it through us. For more information, please contact our customer service 09 4247 5630 or info@eezy.fi.

Through Eezy, it’s possible to deduct hourly or daily billed rental expenses as a cost reimbursement when the expenses are directly related to the invoiced work, that is, the lease time coinciding with the actual working time.

Deduction of monthly rent through Eezy is possible only when we can verify that your rental is directly related to your work and is in no personal use. For example, a rental chair for a hairdresser is considered directly related to the work. Instead, a rental of a storage space is not considered a direct cost to perform a job, therefore, you can not deduct this through Eezy (similar costs may be deductible in your personal taxation).

In terms of pension insurance, you are considered under YEL-insurance and you are personally responsible of the YEL payments.

It is possible to authorize Eezy to acquire the insurance on your behalf, thus you can make the necessary changes to the insurance in Extranet. Insurance payments will be sent directly to your home address and the payment liability is on you. However, the insurance payments are deductible on your personal tax return.

Check more detailed information about YEL-insurance here.

You can register in our website (https://extra.eezy.fi/#signup ) using your net bank id. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to finish the registration.

If you don’t use net bank, you can contact us via email ( info@eezy.fi ) and arrange a meeting at our office for registration.

Once your client has paid the invoice and we have received the payment, we will calculate and pay your salary without delay in accordance with your salary payment rule. Salary payment rule can be, for example ‘Immediately after payment’, ‘Last day of the month’ or ‘Collecting payments’

The requirement for salary payment is that you have delivered your tax card to us.

Our salary payment bank is Nordea

If you need your salary quickly, check EezyExpress service.

We will pay your salary according to your salary payment rule once we have received the payment from your client. Salary payment rule can be chosen in extranet and it can be, e.g., ‘Immediately after payment’, date of month you choose or you can choose an option where you manually transfer the salary for payment procedure (Manual salary payment rule)

The service fee is determined according your total invoicing amount (VAT 0%). The service fee decreases once your invoicing total increases.

Invoicing totalService fee
under 75.000 euros5 % + VAT
over 75.000 euros4 % + VAT
over 150.000 euros3 % + VAT

The total amount is calculated based on the invoicing, done in current Extranet, led to a salary payment. The total amount accumulates constantly and is not reseted yearly. We will follow you total invoicing amount and decrease the service fee immediately after salary payment once you have reached the lower service fee level.

We will send a notification once have received a lower service fee level. You can also check your level in the front page of Extranet

While using Eezy, we usually invoice your work with VAT (24%). There are certain business sectors, where the VAT is lower or even 0%. In case you work in a field where the VAT differs from the normal, please contact our invoicing customer service p. 09 4247 5637 or laskutus@eezy.fi before starting your work, and make sure that Eezy is suitable for you.


It is possible to invoice through us by using Reversed VAT in construction business.

When selling services outside EU, VAT is 0% while in the EU internal market the VAT is reversed and the VAT liability relies on the buyer.

In case your client is a company you can report the invoicing price to the client in offer/contract situation without VAT (xxx,xx € + VAT). For private clients the invoicing price must always include the VAT, e.g., xxx,xx € (incl. VAT)

We need your tax card in the salary payment at the latest. You can send the basic tax card or card with separate rate to us, the freelancer tax card is also accepted. If you need a new tax card because of changed estimated income, you can acquire it through Tax Card online service.

The tax card can be sent to us by post or through extranet.

Please make sure that in all cases you send the actual tax card, not the statement of the estimated income. Tax card (as well as other post) can be sent to us for free without post stamp by using the address:

Tunnus 5017359

Please make sure that you wrote the number code correctly.

Reply mail is slower than regular mail so in urgent matters it is recommended to use regular mail with our postal address:

Hämeentie 3, 5th floor

Use this address also in case you have ordered a tax card from the tax authorities and want them to deliver it to us.

Tax exempted travel costs

We can cover tax exempted travels costs in accordance with the regulations by Tax authorities. Fill in an expense form in Extranet by providing detailed travel routes with street addresses, dates, and departure and arriving times. Report also possible daily allowances and meal moneys to the same expense form.

You can either do the work by yourself or in a group with other registered service providers. However, all members of the group need to be registered to Eezy before the work starts. In the invoicing order form the share of each worker of the total amount shall be determined. All service providers have to send their own expense form if there are work-related expenses.