Generally, we pay your salary once we have received the payment from your client. However, you have a chance to receive your salary after sending an invoice draft through EezyExpress service. Thus, the salary will be on your account even on the invoicing day.

Service features:

  • The EezyExpress salary can be paid on invoices addressed to companies, the State, municipalities and other associations operating in Finland.
  • The client cannot have bad credit history
  • The invoice must be final and undisputed
  • The check for indisputableness will be done according to Eezy´s consideration. The check of EezyExpress invoice is done through email by sending the indisputableness check to your email or directly to your client with your permission (please fill out section 4, client´s email address, of the invoice draft, so we can directly contact them). Your client must convey the message with the answer to
  • Work-related expenses and receipts must be submitted to us during the moment of salary payment. Expenses submitted later cannot be taken into account.
  • You are not allowed to have unpaid EezyExpress invoices exceeding 5000 € total (including VAT). The amount can consist of one or several invoices but it is allowed to have only one unpaid invoice per client.
  • EezyExpress service has additional fee of 5% + VAT from the invoicing price (VAT 0%). The minimum service fee in EezyExpress is 10 € + VAT.
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline any EezyExpress request, but also limit the amount due.
  • In case your client does not pay the invoice in total despite everything, you must return the salary respectively.

How to apply for EezyExpress?

EezyExpress service is invoice specific. You can apply for Express salary with an invoice draft under EezyExpress. If you wish to apply for Express salary from an already sent invoice, please send an email to Remember to mention the invoice number of the invoice you wish to use for the Express salary.

Please also remember to deliver your tax card before applying for EezyExpress salary.


We process all EezyExpress requests that arrive before 12pm on the same work day.
Invoices that require indisputableness checks we process on the next work day once we have received the check.