Eezy service fee

As a Eezy user you will pay for the service only when you have invoiced work. Our service fee is 3-5% from the VAT 0% price. By graduated service fee we want the reward long-time, active users. The bigger your invoicing total grows, the less you pay for the service.

Invoicing totalService fee
under 75.000 euros5 %
over 75.000 euros4 %
over 150.000 euros3 %

The total amount is calculated based on the invoicing, done in current Extranet, led to a salary payment. The total amount accumulates constantly and is not reseted yearly. We will follow you total invoicing amount and decrease the service fee immediately after salary payment once you have reached the lower service fee level. You will receive a notification through email once you have reached the lower service fee level. You can see your service fee rate in the front page of extranet while logged in.

Eezy service fee lowered from the start of 2018

Our service fee was lowered as of January 1st 2018. The starting service fee was decreased from 6% to 5%.

If you are an registered Eezy user, the changes do not require any measures from you. It will be automatically updated in your extranet account.

What is included in the service fee?

Eezy service fee includes:

    • Invoicing
      We will proceed quickly so you can have your salary as early as possible. We will send the invoice to your client during the same day if we have received a correctly filled for before 2 pm.
    • Collection
      If your client does not pay the invoice on time, we will send reminder invoice at your request or transfer the amount to OK perintä Ltd who will take care of the collection.
    • Salary payment
      We will pay our salary on the same day at your request, or on the next day at the latest once we have received the payment from your client.
    • Liability insurance
      Once you have register to Eezy by using your Net Bank ID’s, our liability insurance is valid during the work.
    • Certificates
      If you need work or salary certificates for, e.g, Unemployment authorities, you can download those conveniently through Extranet.
    • Customer service
      Our friendly and professional customer service will help and guide you in self-employment matters by phone, email, chat or face-to-face in Helsinki or other offices in different location.
    • Events
      We host different type of information event and annual Spring event for Eezy users. Common events provide a great opportunity to share experiences and networking, and also enjoying nice time together!

Additional services

    • Accident insurance
      While working through us, we have insured you for work-related accidents. The insurance amount depends on your occupation. By using our salary calculator you can see the amount of insurance payment.
    • EezyExpress salary
      Get to know how EezyExpress service works!
      EezyExpress service helps you when you need the salary before we have received the payment from your client.
    • Professional assistance in legal matters
      Our long term partner Sivenius & Suvanto law firm will help you, for example in contract issues if necessary.
      Read more or ask our customer service +358 9 4247 5630 or
    • Limited possibility to use Eezy’s business ID
      In certain situations you may need business ID for acquiring work related materials. We will help in these situations as well as possible but please contact our customer service before using our business ID.

Other benefits for Eezy users

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