What does it mean to be self-employed through Eezy?

Self-employment through Eezy is a modern and flexible way to employ yourself in the labour market. You can concentrate on what you do best: Selling and marketing your expertise and service, then agree on the price and schedules directly with your clients. We´ll take care of the paperwork on your behalf: Your client will receive an official invoice and we´ll pay your salary based on the invoicing price.

Eezy is an easier option than having your own company. You do not have to apply for company registration, do bookkeeping or fill in an entrepreneurs´ tax returns. When entrepreneurs´ liabilities and paperwork don´t take you time and energy, you can focus on what you´re good at — marketing and working. We´ll help you to make your dreams a reality.

How does Eezy work?

1. Register to Eezy by using Finnish net bank ID before starting the work assignment. Thus, you´ll make sure that the accident and liability insurance (which is included in our service) are valid during the assignment.

2. Make an agreement about the work directly with your client, and point out that you´ll be invoicing through Eezy. (Tip. In Eezy Extranet you can download contract templates for either companies or private client assignments.)

3. Once the work is done, fill in an invoicing order form in Extranet. Based on the invoicing order form we´ll send the official invoice to your client.

4. When your client has paid the invoice and we´ve received the payment, we´ll pay your salary according your salary payment rule.

Want to know more? Please see the detailed description of the service

Why Eezy?

As a first invoicing company in Finland we know the business sector especially well and we are the pioneers in this field. As the pioneer in this business sector it´s important for us to work professionally. You can trust that things will go as they should.

When invoicing through us, you´re not alone. Our professional and friendly staff will help you via phone, email or  chat. You´re also more than welcome to visit our office in Hakaniemi, Helsinki or other service points in Finland.

Clear and transparent pricing guarantees that there are no unexpected costs. Our service fee includes everything except the EezyExpress salary and the accident insurance fee,: Sending invoices, collection, salary payment, the liability insurance, salary and work certificates as well as professional consulting from our friendly staff as you need.

We reward our long-term customers by reducing their service fee when their invoicing total increases. The lowest service fee rate is 3 % + VAT.

As a registered user of Eezy invoicing service, you can take advantage of the membership prices of the modern facilities of Eezy Conttori co-working space. Eezy Conttori is a perfect for both temporary and for more permanent needs as well as for organising a meeting or a workshop. Eezy Conttori is located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki, just around the corner of the Hakaniemi market place.  Take a closer look!

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