Our service fee is between 3–5 % + VAT and is calculated from the invoice amount excluding VAT. The service fee will decrease as billing accrues. After you register, your service fee is 5 % + VAT and, at the lowest, you will pay only 3 % + VAT for our service.

5 %

When your invoicing total is under 75 000 €

4 %

When your invoicing total is over 75 000 €

3 %

When your invoicing total is over 150 000 €

  • Registration is free of charge.
  • No monthly fees, no fixed costs, no commitment.
  • You only pay for the service when you have work to invoice and when you are paid a salary for it. We will not charge the service fee until the salary is paid.
  • Our tiered service fee rewards our long-term, active users. The invoicing you build up won’t reset, even if you take a break from invoicing
  • No mini-service fee, meaning you can make as many, and as small or large, invoices as you want.
  • You can also cancel your already sent invoices for free.


Here’s an example of how much Eezy’s service fee of 5 % + VAT is in euros when the invoicing amount is 2 000 €. It’s worth noting that the amount of your accident insurance payment depends on your profession. You can use our Salary calculator to count how much you would be paid out of your invoicing amount. The calculator is also a great help when pricing your work.

Example: Graphic designer invoices their design work from a company, invoicing total 2000 €.

Amount charged to client (+ 24% VAT)2 480 €
Invoicing amount (VAT 0 %)2 000 €
Withholding 15 %-300 €
Net salary1 700 €
Deductions from net salary
Eezy service fee 5 % (+ VAT 24 %)-124 €
Accident Insurance 0,579 %-11,58 €
Employer's health insurance premium 0.77 %-17,20 €
Amount paid1 549,02 €


Liability insurance

Once you have signed up for Eezy with your online banking ID, you will be covered by a liability insurance policy during the work invoiced through Eezy.

Contract templates

In Eezy Extranet, you will find ready-made contract templates for the most common industries, in both Finnish and English.


You can create invoices for your clients online at your own pace 24/7. We review your invoice quickly to ensure you get paid as quickly as possible: usually the invoice will be sent to your client during the same day. Through us, you can also invoice abroad and by cash, and we accept iZettle, ePass and Smartum payments.

Handling expenses and receipts

We will reimburse you for work-related expenses during salary payment and process any related supporting documents and receipts.

Customer service

Whether it’s pricing, contract matters, or industry specifics, always ask us! We will guide you through light entrepreneurial issues, take care of your business, and remind you of important dates, for example. Call us, message, or come meet us face-to-face all-around Finland!

Payment reminders and debt collection

If your customer does not pay your invoice on time, we will take care of payment reminders and, if necessary, transfer your receivables to our partner OK Perintä Oy. You can always choose whether or not you want automatic payment reminders sent out when making an invoice.

Salary payment

We will pay your salary without delay on the payment date or at your chosen pay date. You will also be charged a service fee when you pay your salary. You can use our Salary calculator to estimate in advance how much your net profit will be.

Certificates and summaries

If you need work or salary certificates, for example, for the TE-office or for an annual tax return overview, you can easily download them from our Extranet.

Legal advice

You can get help for most legal questions and situations from Eezy’s own lawyer. Legal counseling is completely free of charge if the issue is simple and can be resolved quickly, i.e. during a phonecall.

VMP group job opportunities

Eezy is part of the VMP Group and Eezy light entrepreneurs can join our VMP Expert Network through our Extranet. Through the network, you can get for example gig job opportunities.

Events and webinars

We organize webinars, trainings and celebrations for our light entrepreneurs. Welcome to develop your own expertise, exchange experiences and network with other light entrepreneurs!


Our service always includes work time accident insurance. Accident insurance comes into effect upon registration and the amount of the insurance payment depends on your work. The payment is automatically deducted when your salary is paid. You can use our Salary calculator to calculate the cost of your insurance payment.



Need your salary urgently before your customer has paid your invoice? Check out our EezyExpress service and find out how you can get your salary even during the same day you’re invoicing.


Invoicing your own work can’t get easier than this! SuperEezy users have it super easy, as Eezy manages invoices, records expenses, and does everything else for you. The SuperEezy service is for you who don’t have the will or the time to fill in invoices. Check out SuperEezy.

Legal counseling services

Our long-time law firm Sivenius & Suvanto handles all possible litigation, arbitration and bankruptcy matters for you. Take a closer look at our legal counseling services.

Eezy Conttori -work space

Eezy’s modern coworking-space in Helsinki is available for our registered users at a very low cost. The space is perfect for you who need a temporary work desk, long for a more permanent working space, or if you’re organizing a training, a workshop, or even just a meeting. Check out our Conttori work space and pricelist here.

Opportunity to use Eezy’s business id with limitations

In some circumstances, you may need a company business ID in order to make work-related acquisitions. We will help you with these as much as possible, but please always contact our customer service first.


SOLKI.LIVE offers a variety of tools for selling services and meeting your clients digitally online. Eezy users use at discounted rates, check out the benefits. (in Finnish)


Hilti Oy provides services and products for construction professionals. Eezy users will receive corporate customer discounts at all Hilti Oy stores across Finland when purchasing work-related materials and supplies. Purchases can be made only in cash. To redeem your discounted customer number, visit our support or call us 09 4247 5630.


With the help of HELT, you can easily sell exercise related online services and coaching on your own channel. Channel implementation is free and HELT’s service fee is 16% of all income sales through the channel. As an added bonus for Eezy users, HELT offers help with getting started with the channel and, if necessary, assistance with content production.