Employing household work

You can pay salary through Eezy and there is a large amount of home cleaners and matrons working through us. By using Eezy you are free from paperwork and employer’s responsibilities related to salary payment. It is sufficient that you pay the invoice sent by Eezy. You are allowed to tax credit for household work based on the paid invoice if the tax authorities’ conditions are fulfilled.

We will invoice the work with the total amount which you have agreed with the service provider. By using our salary calculator you can settle a suitable invoicing price.

In the construction sector there’s the possibility to apply for tax-exempted travel expenses 0,42/km from travels between your home and the construction site. Additionally, meal money 10,50 €/day or 21,00 €/day if the length of the working day requires two meals. The payment of tax-exempted expenses requires that they are specified on a separate row on the invoice you receive from Eezy.

Eezy will take care of the payment of tax-exempted expenses during the salary payment procedure. Eezy clarifies the conditions with the service providers regarding the expenses and covers the tax-exempted expenses. In conclusion, tax-exempted expenses do not require any actions from you.

Yes, your service provider can invoice, based on your agreement, work related expenses such as machine rent and materials. You can agree the invoicing price directly with the service provider. The service provider uses the expenses as a deduction in the salary payment and the actual profit is only taxable income. Remember, that you are allowed to apply tax credit for household work from the actual work but not from the materials or travel expenses

Yes, because Eezy performs as a seller of the work or service and this is, with the exception of some areas, VAT included activity. This is a similar situation when buying work from a person who is invoicing through own company.

When you are employing a person with tax card the total work price is the gross wage plus statutory expenses. When paying the salary through Eezy the invoicing total includes gross wage, additional costs related to invoicing services, Eezy’s service fee (3-5% from the VAT 0% invoicing price), voluntary accident insurance and VAT (24%). Private households cannot deduct the VAT and therefore it increases the price in comparison to direct hiring. When determining the expenses the effect of tax credit for household work shall be taken into account. The tax credit can be received from the total invoicing price including VAT and our service fee. Take also into account that when hiring an employee there can be unexpected expenses. When paying salary through Eezy you only pay from the accepted and completed work.

Eezy is mostly used in situations which are short-term, occasional or project-natured. If you are employing a person for a long-term employment, direct hiring could be more profitable option. We recommend to use palkka.fi service to make salary payment more convenient in these situations.

Company as a client

Also recruitment services operate in a way that you can pay the salary with one invoice. However, in many situations you are not allowed to choose the service provider or agree the price or payment conditions directly with the service provider. Eezy does not choose or deliver service providers, instead you use the service provider you choose. Additionally, we do not determine the conditions of the work, it is between you and the service provider.

palkka.fi service makes salary payment more convenient but the service does not release you from responsibilities of the employer. When employing a person through Eezy you are not an employer but you buy the services. Eezy will pay the salary to your service provider, thus you do not have the employer’s responsibilities.

Under the current legislation, no because you are not the service provider’s employer. From the start of 2017 persons working through invoicing services cannot be considered under statutory employer’s accident insurance. However, Eezy has acquired a voluntary accident insurance for service providers. The insurance is valid immediately after registration. Eezy does not take responsibility of interpretations of law against the current interpretation.

Eezy does not deliver service providers, but users of Eezy service market their work in jobit.fi service. If none of the available service provides conform your requirements, you can leave a free job advertisement.

This is possible and you can agree directly with the service provider about the invoicing of work related materials, supplies, rental expenses, travel expenses, etc. Additionally, you can agree directly the invoicing price with the service provider.

Yes, commission-paid sales representatives can invoice their commission through us. Sales representative usually have travel and accommodation expenses and the representative can use these as deductions similarly as in own company.

Yes, many similar type of company pays salaries to their employees through us. You do not need to take care of employer’s responsibilities or control tax card, as you can pay salaries with one invoice. This decreases the threshold to employ persons for short-term projects.

Yes, and there is a lot of persons working similarly. Typically the clients, of the service provider who is renting the chair, pay the service directly to the host company, and then the service provider invoices his commission, for example monthly, through Eezy.

Of course! We do not charge any recruitment or other fees, but we require that all the agreed work assignments have been completed before the start of employment relationship.