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We will take care of the employment obligations and paperwork. You will pay the salary and other expenses with one invoice.

By using Eezy, you can easily employ without actually becoming an employer with all the obligations related to it. We will pay the salary to the service provider, and take care of the employer’s obligations concerning invoicing services. You will pay the completed work with one invoice, so there is no requirement for salary payment, pension insurance payments, filling forms, or annual reports! Our service is suitable for companies and private individuals. Eezy can be used for a single or regular assignment.

Agree directly with the service provider on the total price and the conditions of the work.
After the assignment we will send you an invoice with the total price You agreed on with the service provider.
We will pay salary to the service provider and take care of the employer’s obligations concerning invoicing services.

How it works

  • You can choose the service provider. Eezy works as a salary payment actor between you and the service provider. You shall agree
    on the assignment, total price and payment conditions directly with the service provider. You can define an hourly rate, a lump sum or a sales commission. Additionally, you can agree that work related expenses are invoiced, such as travel expenses, materials and tools.
  • Make sure that the service provider registers to our service before the work. Thus, the accident insurance and liability insurance are valid during the work.
  • After the work is completed or after certain stage we will send you an invoice. The sum is the same as you agreed with the service provider. We do not add any expenses to the total price.
  • After receiving the payment,  we will pay the service provider’s salary. The salary is calculated from the invoicing price after VAT deduction, our service fee (3-5 % from the invoicing price), voluntary accident insurance, employer’s mandatory costs, and withheld tax. We will pay the salary to the service provider’s account without any delay.
  • Your service provider can ask the salary directly after the completion of the work (or after a certain stage) by using our EezyExpress.

Eezy is an easy way to employ

  • You do not have employer’s responsibilities. Eezy will pay the salary and take care of employer’s mandatory obligations. Since 2017, individuals working through invoicing service cannot be covered under mandatory accident insurance, but Eezy has acquired a voluntary accident insurance for individuals working through the service.
  • You only have to pay for completed and accepted work.
  • Service providers are covered by liability insurance up to 1 million Euros.
  • Paid invoice is VAT deductible for companies.
  • Households can have a tax credit for household expenses, according to the conditions set by the tax authorities. For the application the Eezy’s business ID shall be used (2197002-2)

Want more detailed information?

We are pleased to answer your questions regarding employment and salary payment. You can leave a message or contact us by using chat on the bottom right corner or by phone 09 4247 5630. The customer service is open Mon-Thu 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-4pm. You can also send questions to info@eezy.fi, we will answer questions via email during the next working day at the latest.

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