Eezy Conttori open doors on August 23rd

Have you thought about renting a work station? Come and try out Eezy Conttori!

Eezy Conttori will have open doors on Thursday August 23rd, starting at 9am until 9pm. During the day, you are welcome to test our new workspace free of charge! Stop by on your way home or join us for the whole day, without booking in advance.

Eezy Conttori is located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki (Hämeentie 3, 5th floor) and is easily reached by metro, tram and bus. You are warmly welcome!

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Changes to our service fees

A few changes will be made to Eezy’s service fees. The first of these was introduced on 15.12. when the minimum service fee was removed and will no longer be charged. From now on, you will be able to get your payments with our standard service fee.

Our service fee percentage will decrease on 1.1.2018.

Our service fee will be lowered from the start of 2018. The starting service fee will decrease from 6% to 5%. There are also changes to the different service fee reductions:

Total invoiced sum                Service fee
under 75 000 €                        5 %
over   75 000 €                        4 %
over   150 000 €                      3 %

If you are an registered Eezy user, the changes do not require any measures from you. It will be automatically updated in your extranet account.

EezyExpress service fee

On 1.1.2018, the EezyExpress service fee will be 5% of the VAT free billing sum (however the minimum is 10€). It will be charged in addition to our standard service fee. The increase also applies advance salary payments.