Eezy Conttori open doors on August 22nd

Have you thought about renting a work station? Come and try out our Eezy Conttori coworking space!

We’ll have open doors at Eezy Conttori on Thursday August 22nd, starting at 9am until 5pm. During the day, you are welcome to test our new workspace free of charge! Stop by on your way home or join us for the whole day, without booking in advance.

Eezy Conttori is located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki (Hämeentie 3, 5th floor) and is easily reached by metro, tram and bus. You are warmly welcome!

Read more about Eezy Conttori.

Webinaari työttömyysturvasta

Do you need help filling out the invoice draft?

Is it your first time filling out the invoice draft, or do you need help filling out the expenses? Are you wondering what EezyExpress-salary service means?

We have created step-by-step instruction videos to make filling out your invoices easier. You can find them here in Finnish.

You can always contact our customer service, if you have more questions. You can also check our manual.

Spring campaign: We have a Pelago-bike winner!

In addition to light entrepreneurship, we offered an opportunity to steer towards the summer with a domestic Pelago-bike, in April and May. You participated in large numbers and the lucky winner was Karri Kaisla from Kokemäki.

Congratulations to the winner!

Thank you to everyone, who participated! We have many interesting events and news coming this summer, so stay alert and follow our website as well as our social media accounts!