Self employment in Finland is not easy, but it can be Eezy

Eezy – an easier way than a business of your own

Eezy is for you if

  • you consider entrepreneurship, but the threshold of starting a business of your own seems too high
  • you want to test your business idea risk-free, before starting your own business
  • your occupation requires invoicing of your work, but you don’t want to start a business of your own

You can bill your work without a company of your own, by using Eezy online service. Eezy enables you to work independently and to agree on the price and other terms of your work with your clients. Your income is based on your invoicing, and your work-related expenses are deductible.

Eezy facilitates your financial management, and you are free from all paperwork and the obligations of an entrepreneur. Eezy will take care of your invoicing, deduction of expenses, bookkeeping, and will issue proofs required by the authorities and insurance companies. Eezy offers a convenient online service for your invoicing and salary payments. You are not alone; our customer service will help you with any questions.

It’s easy to start using our service and it’s free. There are no fixed costs, you will only pay for the use of the service. Registration does not involve any obligations on your part and you can stop using our services whenever you want to. We have removed all obstacles, would it be time to put your plans into practice?

Eezy registration and invoicing instructions